Q. I received an order confirmation. Does that mean my order will ship today?

A. When your order confirmation is received, you can safely assume your payment was authorized. As soon as Item or Items are shipped we will follow up with a tracking # via email.


Q. When will my order ship?

A. Your order will ship with in 24 hours when authorization of your payment is successful. If there is an inventory situation, you will be notified of options.


Q. How do I cancel an order?

A. We prefer you not place an order unless you are sure and or have authorization to place orders. If you must cancel, please call us within 1 hour of your order.


Q. How do I update an order?

A. Please email us within in 1 hour of your order. On the SUBJECT line, please type : #order number.


Q. What is HEALTHCARE-PC’s return policy? How do I request a return?

A. If an item is damaged in transit or you received the wrong order please email us immediately. On the SUBJECT line, please type : RETURN #order number.


Q. Why is sales tax charged?

A. Sales Tax is charged due to staying within regulations of the government. Healthcare-PC obeys the law. If you are a mass purchaser you may email us about becoming a reseller or partner when then sales tax will be removed.


Q. Can I get a copy of my packing list?

A. Yes, you can get a copy of your packing list. Just email us and allow us 24 hours to respond. On the SUBJECT line, please type: PACKING LIST #order number. Or you can log into your account and click on "My Orders" See more at: http://healthcare-pc.com/faq.php#sthash.O4ZZjXa4.dpuf


Q. Can I print an original invoice?

A. You can always login to your account and review your purchases. After logging in, you can print.


Q. How often are the special offers on your site updated?

A. Weekly (soon to be Daily, so keep checking in!)


Q. How do I establish credit terms for my business?

A. Please email us and type : PARTNER INTEREST in the subject


Q. Where do I submit a wire payment?

A. Unless you are a reseller or partner; ACH payments are not accepted.


Q. Do you accept cashier’s checks?

A. No


Q. What is my password?

A. Your Password is the one you selected during the sign-up.